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Research Administration Meetings

A consolidated page for Researchers, Administrators, and Operations staff consisting of presentations, materials, and agendas from the Research Administration Meetings. New content will be available following each meeting.

Presentation Department Date Keywords
RA Monthly December 2018 [all presentations] Research Operations 2018/12/20 Year in Review, New Subcontract PO and Invoicing Processes, New Independent Contractor/Consultant Determination Process, COI
RA Monthly November 2018 [all presentations] Research Operations 2018/11/15 Agenda, InfoEd, Admin Salaries, Org Chart, ICC, Sub, Budget Template, RIS, Pre Award, Web Updates
AGENDA - June 2018                                                                Research Operations                             2018/06/21 Agenda
New Travel Agency - World Travel BMC Finance 2018/06/21 New Travel Agency - World Travel
AGENDA - May 2018 Research Operations 2018/05/16 Agenda
ClinCard Research Finance 2018/05/16 ClinCard
BMC Conflict of Interest Process Research Compliance 2018/05/16 BMC Conflict of Interest Process
Epic - Update Clinical Trial Office 2018/05/16 Epic - Update
AGENDA - April 2018 Research Operations 2018/04/18 Agenda
Epic - Rev Up Clinical Trial Office 2018/04/18 Epic - Rev Up
Unobligated Balance Review Research Finance 2018/04/18 Unobligated Balance Review
NIH Clinical Trials / Human Subjects Form Pre-Award 2018/03/20 NIH Clinical Trials / Human Subjects Form
Proposal Development Basics Pre-Award 2018/03/20 Proposal Development Basics
NIH Personnel Descriptions Pre-Award 2018/03/20 NIH Personnel Descriptions
BMC Vendor / Consultant Table Pre-Award 2018/03/20 BMC Vendor / Consultant Table
BMC Vendor / Consultant Questionnaire Pre-Award 2018/03/20 BMC Vendor / Consultant Questionnaire
AGENDA - February 2018 Research Operations 2018/02/20 Agenda
InfoEd - Updates Pre-Award 2018/02/20 InfoEd
Clinical Trials Boot Camp Clinical Trial Office 2018/02/20 Clinical Trials Boot Camp
AGENDA - January 2018 Research Operations 2018/01/17 Agenda
Proposal Submission Policy Pre-Award 2018/01/17 Proposal Submission Policy
Clinical Trials - Terms and Conditions Clinical Trial Office 2018/01/17 Clinical Trial Term
InfoEd - Human Subject / Clinical Trials Page Pre-Award 2018/01/17 NIH Clinical Trial InfoEd
AGENDA - December 2017 Research Operations 2017/12/20 Agenda
NIH Regional Seminar 2017 Pre-Award 2017/12/20 NIH Regional Meeting
NIH Grants Policy Statement Changes Pre-Award 2017/12/20 NIH Grants Policy Statement
NIH Forms E Guide Pre-Award 2017/12/20 NIH Forms
Epic Research Billing Clinical Tral Office 2017/12/20 Epic