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Gastroenterology at Boston Medical Center

Gastroenterology services at Boston Medical Center include the diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of digestive disorders, from peptic ulcers and reflux to Crohn’s disease and cancer. In addition, the team cares for patients with motility disturbances, neuroendocrine tumors and hepatobiliary disorders such as cirrhosis, hepatitis, pancreatic disease, and biliary obstruction. Through the Dempsey Center for Digestive Disorders (CDD), patients receive a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to care that not only includes medical and surgical doctors, but also experts in nutrition, nursing, psychiatry, radiology, urology, and more.



Moakley Building
830 Harrison Ave, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02118
Phone: 617.638.6525
Fax: 617.638.7448

Endoscopy Center

Moakley Building
830 Harrison Avenue
2nd Floor, Suite 2200
Boston, MA 02118