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The Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine at Boston Medical Center and Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine strongly believes that the cultural and social diversity of our faculty, staff, residents, and students is vitally important to the distinction and excellence of our clinical, research and academic programs. As a department and institution, we embrace and champion justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. While our organization has a rich history of inclusion and diversity, we recognize that there is much work to be done to create a fair and just society.

Anatomic Pathology


The Anatomic Pathology department serves all patients who undergo surgery or a procedure, regardless of age or medical insurance status, which results in the removal of tissue. All physicians and services that generate these specimens are also considered the department's customers. The department also manages the hospital's Decedent Affairs Office which cares for deceased patients, and their families and serves area funeral directors and related governmental agencies.

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Please call 617.638.6990 or the Pathology Laboratory at 617.638.6994

Administrative leadership is always available on call at pager 617.638.5795 #1027 or #3550

Frozen or Intraoperative Pathology Consultation (Including NEOB Tissue Procurement)

8am - 5pm: call x45310 (path Admins) 

*If there is no answer, page the AP Resident On-Call/Frozen (p3800)

After 5pm: 1st CALL - page the AP Resident On-Call (p3800)

                                    BACK UP CALL - page the AP Attending On-Call (p0784)


Frozen pathologist is available 24/7 - lead time is required

Monday - Friday, 8a - 6pm: 15 minutes lead time

After 6pm: 30 minutes to 1 hour lead time

Services Provided

Surgical Pathology

Intraoperative Consultation


Aspiration biopsy

Immunohistochemical assays

Ultrastructural studies

Image Analysis


Telepathology consultation

Molecular Pathology

Decedent Affairs


Research CoRe

Sub-Specialty Expertise


Dermatopathology (associated with BU Skin Pathology)


GI & Liver



Muscle & Peripheral Nerve Pathology


OB-GYN Pathology

Oral Pathology

Renal Pathology

Soft Tissue


Consent Form for Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing Results Update - Proxy Designation Form

Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine Pathology Department

Laboratory Medicine

Main Laboratory

24/7/365 staffing

Please call 617-414-4054

Office Hours

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Please call 617-638-7800

Administrative leadership is always available on call at pager 617-638-5795 #1027 or #6650

Laboratory Medicine resident on call 617-638-5795 #4564

The Department of Laboratory Medicine at BMC is part of the Division of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. The Department is responsible for:

  • all clinical laboratory testing throughout BMC
  • assuring appropriate test reliability
  • specimen collection
  • reference laboratory referrals
  • result reporting
  • laboratory information systems
  • oversight for point-of-care testing

The Department is divided into multiple sections each with its own medical director and technical supervisor. Check each section for specific information on testing, policies, and reference information.

Consultation: Laboratory Medicine Resident on call pager: 4564

Abbreviated Phone List (see Phone Directory for full list)

LabPhone Number
Main Lab, 670 Albany Lab4-4060
Main Lab Blood Bank8-7844
Menino Blood Bank4-4141
Menino Blood Gas Lab4-4067

Hours of Operation

STAT Testing: 24/7
STAT turnaround time is one hour or less from time of receipt in the Laboratory.

Non-Stat Testing:
The schedule varies with the complexity and frequency of non-STAT testing. Routine turnaround time is six hours or less from time of receipt in the Laboratory.

Patient Fact Sheets for Laboratory EUA Testing