The Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) team, alongside its sister teams Sponsored Program Financial Administration and the Center for Clinical Research Advancement, serves BMC in its drive to deliver health care innovation to our patients, our communities, and the world at large.

As BMC's signatory on all sponsored program (SP)* awards, SPA acts to assure compliance with a myriad of federal regulations and sponsor and BMC requirements, promoting integrity and efficiency.  As the central team collaborating with the BMC research/SP community in proposal submission, award acceptance, and some post-award management, SPA partners with investigators, program directors, and administrators to secure funding and successfully complete projects that care for our patients and communities today, while reshaping the future of health care for all.


* At this time, Research Operations provides central administration to the  ~20% of clinical service and other SPs that do not involve research but are held to many of the same requirements and regulations.

Contact us at grants.admin@bmc.org.