InfoEd Log-in, Access, Training

Why InfoEd?

InfoEd is BMC's sponsored program (SP) management system of record, housing critical data and documents crucial for managing SP activities. It plays a pivotal role during audits, facilitating retrieval and examination of key documents for testing regulatory compliance.

If you're not already a regular user, here are the top ten reasons to familiarize yourself with InfoEd soon:

  • Use of InfoEd is required for all SPs, whether internally or externally funded
  • Its proposal development and submission routing workflow has just been launched; the video training takes only 30 minutes; and the InfoEd Routing Manual is great for refreshers
  • Everyone involved in the proposal process, including PI/PDs, chiefs/chairs, proposal developers, and contract and proposal reviewers, needs to use InfoEd
  • InfoEd:
    • Serves as a repository for required elements during proposal development and submission
    • Allows shared access to proposal and award data elements, award and amendment documents, sponsor approvals, and other critical correspondence
    • Generates reports of proposal activity, awards, success rates, etc.
    • Provides access to SPIN, BMC's search tool for locating funding
    • Retains SP records in one location
    • Eliminates the need to track proposal-related emails, and,
  • In future developments, we aim to enhance administrative tasks for all SP roles across the grant lifecycle.*

*Financial data are housed in Infor, BMC's financial system of record, and clinical trials data are housed in VelosCT, BMC's clinical research management system.

If you are seeking a sponsor, please consult our External Portals webpage.

If you are seeking internal systems access, training, and job aids, including Infor and VelosCT, consult Systems for Sponsored Programs.

Review the full Routing Guide or the streamlined Approval Guide for PIs and Chiefs/Chairs