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Education and Training for Research and Other Sponsored Programs

Consult the BMC research community calendar below for upcoming training and education opportunities.  All are free, live, and virtual. Please note that some sessions offer continuing education units; some require registration; and some registrations have a deadline, usually 24-48 hours before the event.

Recordings of recent Research Operations and videos and recordings of the Clinical Research Seminars hosted by BMC/BUMC's Clinical Research Resources Office (CRRO) are available further below. As educational materials become available, they will be added our fledgling collection.

For BU faculty planning to submit their first R01 proposal

Consider applying to the R01 Proposal Writing Workshop sponsored by the Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI). The deadline is April 29; sessions run from June 17 through September 9.  The workshop page includes the syllabus, application form, and eligibility requirements.

Trainings Library

Clinical Research Seminars, CRRO, BMC/BUMC

Clinical Research Resources Office (CRRO) slides and videos

Clinical Research Seminars Library, 2009-present

Cost Transfer Training Presentation



Cost Transfer Training Presentation

Salary Allocation

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T32 Institutional Training Grants Protocol

T32 Institutional Training Grants Protocol Development & Submission

Infor Reporting

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Required Clinical Research Regulatory Training

BMC and Boston University Medical Campus require that all researchers involved in human research must receive formal training. Depending on the type of research you conduct, there are several levels of required training as listed in this section

View Clinical Researcher required regulatory trainings

Velos-CT – Clinical Trial Management System Trainings

The Clinical Trial Office has developed two types of training for Velos.

  • VelosCT Basics: This training covers how to use VelosCT to manage study records, participants, and calendar visits. Contact to be assigned a VelosTest training account and obtain the necessary training materials.
  • VelosCT|Epic Interface training: This training covers the Velos-Epic interface and the research billing review workflow. 

Visit the Systems page for more VelosCT resources

ClinCard – Participant Reimbursement System Training

ClinCard is a web-based reloadable debit card program used for research participant payment issuance, tracking, and reporting. Studies must have an active IRB# in order to participate. This section outlines the steps for attending the training and setting up the ClinCard account.

View ClinCard website

Visit the Systems page for more ClinCard resources