The third year of fellowship is designed to allow fellows time to complete ongoing projects, consolidate their research skills and pursue developing academic interests. Fellows take a more active role in running the emergency department and have assigned administrative functions.

Third Year Schedule

  • PED: 6 months
  • Electives (EMS): 2 months
  • Research: 3 months
  • Adult ED (procedure person/trauma resident): 1 month
  • Vacation: 4 weeks (during PED)

Adult Emergency Department - Procedure Person/Trauma Resident

During the Adult ED rotation in the third year, fellows act as the procedure person for the first half of the month and then take on the role of “trauma resident.” In this role the pediatric fellow is responsible for the primary survey and airway management in all trauma cases. In addition, the trauma resident runs the case with the input of the emergency medicine attending and trauma service.

EMS Rotation

During the third year, each fellow will spend time with Boston EMS. This involves being assigned to an ambulance and riding with that ambulance to emergencies. Also included in this experience is a visit to the medical control center and meetings with the leadership of Boston EMS.