Manufacturer and other vendor representatives must comply with our Code of Conduct and our policies in order to maintain an ongoing relationship with Boston Medical Center. Failure to abide by our policies can result in termination of the contract.

For more information, contact:

Boston Medical Center Supply Chain Operations
Gambro Building
660 Harrison Avenue, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02118-2393


As a major academic medical and renowned research center treating people throughout the Northeast, Boston Medical Center (“BMC”) seeks to establish long-term cooperative business relationships with manufacturers and other vendors who maintain excellence in quality & services and provide competitive pricing.

Our Policy

Manufacturer and vendor representatives must have prior appointment for all engagements at the Boston Medical Center (BMC). The actions and behavior of representatives must be consistent with the BMC Code of Conduct and policies and procedures and comply with good and ethical business practices.

Supply Chain Operations (“SCO”) management must abide by BMC policies and procedures and will conduct themselves in a professional manner which is to be reciprocated from the vendor community.

Gift Policy

No physician or employee shall accept any gift, entertainment or other favor from any individual, company or agency that does business or is seeking to do business with BMC or is a competitor of BMC under circumstances from which it could reasonably inferred that such action was intended to influence or might tend to influence the individual in the performance of his or her duties. Principles guiding promotions and gifts have been established by our Code of Conduct and our interaction with Industry policy. Physician and employees with questions may contact Chief Compliance Officer at 617.638.7919.

Vendor Compliance 

All vendor representatives must register in the RepTrax System, at one of the following locations:

Menino Lobby
840 Harrison Ave, Boston MA 02118

Yawkey Ambulatory Care Lobby 
850 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118

Shapiro Lobby
725 Albany Street, Boston MA 02118

Gambro Building - Purchasing Reception
660 Harrison Ave, 3rd Fl. Boston, MA 02118

All vendor representatives are required to be up- to-date on all immunizations and provide proof through RepTrax. Certifications & trainings must be completed and BMC Code of Conduct policies read. Vendor representatives who are non-compliant and fail to adhere to BMC vendor policies & procedures and do not complete Reptrax requirements will have their access to BMC facilities revoked until further notice.

Please remember to: Sign in and Sign out of RepTrax since this may affect your score.

Under special circumstances, a one day badge may be issued by the Supply Chain Operations (“SCO”) department indicating the date and BMC location(s) which includes but not limited to all BMC affiliates the vendor is authorized to visit.

Demonstration/Evaluations or Loaner Equipment

A “no cost” purchase order (“PO”) is required for all demonstration, evaluation and loaner equipment, devices and product samples used on a trial basis.

This includes associated disposable or reusable items used in clinical, non-clinical and research settings.

All electronically powered or medical devices must be inspected and accepted by the Clinical Engineering Department prior to use in the medical center, regardless of its use for demonstration or clinical purposes.

New Products

Vendors are not allowed to introduce products prior to meeting with BMC’s Supply Chain Management department for authorization. BMC staff are required to follow hospital protocol for acquiring new products, which includes filling out the New Product Request form and submitting it to the SCO department and/or Director of Clinical Value Analysis for review, if applicable. Sample and trialed products will not be accepted prior to the new product approval process.

RFP Process

Vendors offering similar products and/or services may be asked to participate in a bid for BMC’s business.

All submitted bids by vendors will be reviewed by the SCO department. A denial/acceptance letter will be sent out to the participants after a decision is finalized.

Purchase Orders

A purchase order is required for all products acquired by BMC. Vendors are not authorized to accept any verbal, written or telephone orders unless accompanied by a valid purchase order number. BMC is not responsible for and will not pay for products provided to and subsequently used by clinical and research personnel if a purchase order number was not first obtained. The purchase order number must appear on packing slips and related correspondence. Price increases or added charges not expressly listed on the Purchase Order are not valid and considered non effective unless agreed to in advance in writing by the Buyer. All orders are expressly limited to the BMC’s PO standard terms and conditions.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and delivery instructions will be specified at the time an order is placed or may be found on the purchase order. All packages must show the purchase order number. Inadequately labeled shipments may be refused.

Special Shipments

All hazardous materials must be accompanied by a Materials Safety Data Sheet and labeled according to the industry, regulatory and safety standards. Electronically powered devices must be tested and approved for use by the medical center’s Clinical Engineering Department prior to acceptance and must include an operator’s manual and two service manuals.


The BMC Buyer has thirty (30) days to inspect goods (within the “Inspection Period”) following the delivery of the goods received from the vendor. Buyer will provide notification (“Inspection Period”) of the goods and services that were rejected and provide reason code. If the Buyer does not provide the vendor with such notice within the Inspection Period, then the Buyer will be deemed to have provided acceptance.

The Buyer is allowed without penalty to reject any goods received that are damaged, defective, bad quality, wrong size, wrong quantity and/ or wrong item.


BMC’s default payment terms are net thirty (30) days. All invoices are paid based on the purchase order number assigned to the products purchased, proof of delivery and acceptance. Invoices sent without referencing a purchase order number will be returned to the vendor and will not be paid. Issues related to invoices payment should be directed to the Accounts Payable office at

All PO invoices should be addressed to the following location:

Boston Medical Center Accounts Payable
P.O. Box 199180 
Boston MA 02118

BMC is not responsible for invoices mailed to the wrong location and will not be subject to any penalties such as late fees or any other administrative fees. BMC will not pay any invoice(s) received after one year from when the goods were purchased. The vendor will assume responsibility for this loss and will not seek payment in a lawsuit to recover cost of goods/services sold to BMC.


Parking is available at the Albany Street visitor’s parking garage. Vendor representatives are asked not to park in the Doctor’s Office Building (DOB) garage. The DOB parking garage is reserved for patients, families and physicians.

Patient Care & OR Areas

Manufacturer and vendor representatives are not allowed in patient care and OR areas without an authorized BMC escort. Wandering throughout the BMC hospital facility is not permitted. Any such violations by the vendor will result in revoked privileges.


BMC is affiliated with Healthtrust, a group purchasing organization (“GPO”). BMC will be compliant with all GPO contracts. Contracted items not covered by our GPO is considered to be local and/ or regional agreements.
Our affiliated health centers are the following:

Boston Health Center for the Homeless Program

780 Albany Street
Boston, MA 02118


Mattapan Community Health Center

1575 Blue Hill Avenue
Mattapan, MA 021


DotHouse Health

1353 Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02122


Geiger-Gibson Community Health Center

250 Mount Vernon Street
Dorchester, MA 02125


Whittier Street Health Center

1290 Tremont Street
Roxbury, MA 02120


Manet Community Health Center

110 West Squantum Street
North Quincy, MA 02171


The Dimock Center

55 Dimock Street
Roxbury, MA 02119


South Boston Community Center

409 West Broadway
South Boston, MA 02127


Upham’s Corner Health Center

415 Columbia Road
Dorchester, MA 02125


Codman Square Health Center

637 Washington Street
Dorchester, MA 02124


Neponset Health Center

398 Neponset Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02122


South End Community Health Center

1601 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02118


Greater Roslindale Medical and Dental Center

4199 Washington Street
Rosindale, MA 02131


Vendor Registration

Vendors that are interested in conductig business with Boston Medical Center must register with our vendor credentialing program, Reptrax. The company and company representatives will be required to meet all credential requirements.
All vendors onsite at BMC facilities without an appointment and are not registered through Reptrax will be asked to leave. Vendors continue to show up at facilities after warnings were issued will be banned.

Please use this link to register:


Once you completed the registration requirements. Please click on the link below to contact the Supply Chain Team. Please attach all new business request documentation for consideration. We will contact you to schedule an appointment if interested.