Substance Use Disorder

methamphetamine use disorder medication treatment, meth package and foil
February 4, 2021

With a 400% increase in overdose deaths involving psychostimulants in Massachusetts over the last two decades, this study could be a game-changer.

illustration of principles of care for young adults with substance use disorder, blue and lime green drawings
January 27, 2021

New provider principles lay out how to treat patients according to their unique, age-specific needs — and elevate national discussions on systemic changes.

illustration of young adult with addiction and mental health treatment
January 27, 2021

Patients with dual diagnoses need comprehensive, integrated care if treatment is going to make a difference in both areas of need.

illustration of young adult stepping between treatment and recovery support services
January 27, 2021

Clinicians who treat this population are in a unique position to advocate for more integrated partnerships between community entities and health centers.

Buprenorphine prescription for opioid addiction, x-waiver
January 20, 2021

Miriam Komaromy, MD, medical director for the Grayken Center for Addiction at BMC, reacts to the news of increased access to a key medication for opioid use disorder.