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There is a significant and undeniable race-based gap when it comes to health outcomes.


Health Equity Overview

Health equity is an incredibly complex issue that is impacting communities of color in multiple ways. Because health inequity reaches far beyond a hospital’s walls and links to challenges around housing, food security, and economic mobility – to name a few - there is no one-dimensional solution for creating a more equitable future.

One of the biggest challenges in providing more equitable access to healthcare is that there is systemic and long-standing unconscious bias among healthcare staff at all levels within the U.S. healthcare system. This is not a new dynamic, but an entrenched issue that has been in existence for generations. Our extensive research has uncovered five salient ways that healthcare discriminates against people of color from a systematic perspective.

Resident Diversity

The Heath Equity Accelerator is focused on creating holistic change at BMC. One of the ways that we can close the health equity gap for future generations is to provide opportunities for future medical leaders to have an acute understanding of the challenges that communities of color uniquely face in getting access to equitable healthcare. The Health Equity Fellowship reflects our commitment to creating change across the entire healthcare delivery spectrum including the people who will lead the next generation.

For more information on the Health Equity Fellowship, please email us at BMCHS.Equity@bmc.org.

Together @ BMCHS | Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Year in Review

It would be impossible to document everything happening at BMCHS to address health equity; there’s simply too much happening every day to create a more just healthcare system. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Year in Review shares some of the highlights, innovations and unique efforts that represent the kind of commitment and expertise that the Health Equity Accelerator is built upon.

Read it below or download the PDF.

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