Partnering with our community to advance health justice

At the core of the Accelerator is a deep commitment to listen to and partner with the community. We are incorporating multiple mechanisms to engage with our patients and community leaders every step of the way. A key part of this effort is launching BMC’s Equity Partnership Network (EPN), a diverse and engaged group of community leaders who are involved with different BMC Community Advisory Boards.

The Accelerator Community Advisory Committee (ACAC), is a sub-group of the EPN that provides invaluable guidance to the Accelerator as we seek to address inequities – from which health inequities to focus on to how to approach the community on specific topics. Other community boards include: Determination of Need community advisory board, Mental Health in the Black community or the CEAL project community advisory board.

Removing structural barriers to economic mobility and their consequences

As community initiatives are developed and planned, we will be providing more information about how the Accelerator will be bringing our efforts into the community as well as how you can get your community involved in our work.

Below are just a few of the ways that BMC is taking action to help communities of color achieve economic mobility:

Among Boston Medical Center patients, one in four families is house insecure. Amy Santos, a patient with epileptic seizures, and her son are one such family. Watch how our programs and multidisciplinary teams provide the support and tools Amy and her son need to better manage their health and achieve economic mobility.