Available Services

Our multi-disciplinary team approach includes case managers, psychiatrists, social workers, a certified peer specialist, resource specialist, and a recovery coach. Our team recognizes the unique and complex nature of serious mental illness and the importance of treatment for these individuals. The BOAT Program seeks to provide a fully integrated continuum of wraparound services.

Case Management

The Case Manager is a masters-level clinician who will determine client needs by completing intake assessments and psychosocial evaluations. Case managers coordinate supportive services across partnering agencies and facilitate solutions to problems that may arise, through frequent communication with the individual, family members or others close to the individual, and treatment providers. Case manager will act as clinical liaison between the BOAT team and court system.

Medication Management

BOAT Psychiatrists will collaborate with clients to discuss medication options, develop a treatment plan, and manage concerns and side effects as they arise. Psychiatrists offer a number of options and work directly with the client to find the best treatment plan to reach their long-term goals.


BOAT Therapists will help the clients tackle emotional and social problems and address the impact of these on their wellbeing through regular sessions, and through developing long-term care relationships.

Peer Support

BOAT Peer Specialists provide supportive coaching and mentoring. They work directly with the client to support them in achieving their goals. Peers are individuals with lived experience, who can add a unique perspective BOAT team and client care. BOAT peers provide a warm and welcoming environment for the client.

Recovery and Substance Use Support

A BOAT Recovery Coach has personal experience overcoming substance use disorders, allowing them to connect more deeply with those who are still struggling and work alongside them towards a path of continuous recovery. A BOAT Addiction Psychiatrist is available to provide support on co-occurring substance use and psychiatric disorders.


Clients will be able to work with a resource specialist in a variety of areas of interest:

  • Career Development Planning
  • Employment Search Support
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Educational Advancement Planning
  • Housing Goal Planning and Support
  • Benefits Assistance