Last year we profiled Devin Frizado, who shared her story of getting sober at 33 after a series of life-threatening health scares. We recently caught up with Devin. 

BMC: How has your health been over the last year? 
Devin: Six years ago, I couldn’t talk, swallow, or do regular household things. Now, my energy levels are through the roof, and I’m thriving! I’ve been following a holistic lifestyle, taking supplements and not eating the processed foods and sugars that cause inflammation. If I don’t get enough sleep or I’m stressed, I can feel my neuropathy coming on, but it only lasts a day, and I’m able to deal with it gracefully. My flare-ups used to be a week of sitting on the couch, not being a mother or a wife, in so much pain, sad, and overwhelmed by life.

Since the beginning, my neurologist, Dr. Michelle Kaku, has been 100% supportive. She saw my neuropathy going lower and lower and my nerves healing. At checkups, she’d say, ‘Keep doing what you’re doing!’ It’s so important to have doctors who encourage you and who you trust.

BMC: How is your family? 
Devin: My husband has been such a rock for me, and we’re so proud of our kids. My oldest son graduated and is working, and my younger son is in a culinary high school.

After getting sick, I had to figure out work, so we started a flea market booth. Now we also sell online, and we’re doing so well! Our whole family is invested in the business. We’ve been pushing for things that bring us joy and put us on a different path. We weren’t expecting this growth, but it feels like we’ve really manifested this. It’s been so positive to find my happy place and be a productive member of society.

BMC: What advice do you have for others?
I try to shy away from telling people what to do, but I wish the best to anyone going through addiction. It sucks. Especially for women, it can be alienating, so it’s important to have a safe person or safe space to talk about issues. I always reach out to friends and family who are having a tough time, and I continue to tell my story. I love the messages I get back from people who got sober. Those messages help me to continue on my path.

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