A consolidated reference page for Researchers, Administrators and Operations staff consisting of both internal and external resources most relevant to research administration.

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 BMC and BU "fact sheet"

 BMC Federal Tax Exempt Document

 BMC Uniform Guidance Audit Report FY19

 BMC Uniform Guidance Audit Report FY18

 BMC HIPAA Information

 Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Website

 Center for Scientific Review

 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Funding Opportunities

 Chart of Accounts 

 Clinical and Translational Science Institute(CTSI) Tools

 Clinical Data Warehouse Procedure Manual

 Clinical Research Resources Office (CRRO) Regulatory Tools & Resources

 Clinical Research Times 

 Conflict of Interest (COI) Online Module

 Conversion Table (percent effort to months)

 CRRO Slides-CTO Goals

 Domestic Maximum Per Diem Rates

 Effort Certification:

 eRA: American Heart Association (AHA) log-in

 eRA: Department of Defens (DOD)

 eRA: e-Commons (NIH)

 eRA: Grants.gov

 eRA: Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)

 eRA: National Science Foundation

 eRA: ProposalCENTRAL (ACS, JDF, etc)

 eRA: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

 Federal Rate Agreement (BMC Fringe and Indirect)

 Federal Rate Agreement (Patient Care Rates) 

 FY2017 NIH Stipend Increase (F32s, T32s, etc)

 Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Resources

 Just in Time (JIT) Checklist

 Mass.gov Portal

 New Faculty Departure Policy & Checklist

 NIH Award data

 NIH Forms Version E Series Instructions:

 NIH Grants Policy and Guidance

 NIH Grants/Funding Opportunities

 NIH Guide

 NIH Institutes, Centers and Offices

 NIH Modular Research Grant Applications

 NIH Phone Directory

 NIH Salary Limitations (07/03/2017) (salary cap)

 National Science Foundation Grants and Awards

 Office of Technology Development (OTD) Resources

 Office of the Senior Vice President (OSP) Info - BU FB rates

 Progress Report Checklist

 Proposal Submission Guide

 Proposal Review Matrix

 rDNA Permit

 Research Cores & Facilities at BU & BMC

 Report from the Committee to Reduce Implicit and Explicit Bias in Research

 Research Operations Workflow

 Research Technology Program (RTP)


 Running and Reading Lawson Reports 

 SECTION III: Glossary

 SECTION IV: Acronyms

 Space Matrix

 Travel and Transferring Biological Materials

 Travel and Transferring Electronic Data

 Vendor Upload Files: FedEx/Fisher/Verizon