The Adolescent Center offers a wide range of medical and confidential counseling services designed to keep patients healthy. Programs include:

AnchorNutrition counseling

You can meet with a dietitian to discuss healthy eating habits, weight management, cholesterol, diabetes and anemia management.

AnchorFamily Planning Program

Family Planning Counselors are here to educate patients on issues regarding their sexual and reproductive health. They are available to talk, answer questions, and help patients learn to advocate for themselves and their sexual well-being. LGBTQIA+ friendly. Confidential services provided include:

  • Birth control and contraception counseling for pregnancy prevention
  • Non-coercive pregnancy options counseling
  • Prevention, testing, and treatment of sexually transmitted infections
  • HIV education and testing
  • Conversations about sexual risk assessment and risk reduction, including PrEP
  • Safe and healthy relationship discussions
  • Helping to facilitate conversations about sexual health between adolescents and caregivers

No referral required. Call (617) 414-4105 to speak with a Family Planning Counselor today!

Comprehensive Prenatal Education Classes

The Adolescent Center’s Teens & Tots Program offers a ten week prenatal education class free of charge in a friendly and welcoming environment. Each class focuses on different aspects of the newborn, targeted to the needs of teenage parents - both mothers and fathers. Subjects covered include:

  • Prenatal care
  • Nutrition
  • Delivery and post-partum recovery
  • Newborn and toddler development
  • Breastfeeding
  • Contraception
  • School and work issues
  • Support and education for young fathers
  • Housing and benefits information

Classes are held weekly and food is provided. Family members and friends are welcome to attend.

AnchorSocial Services

The Adolescent Center has several bilingual social workers on staff, ensuring someone is always present to assist patients with the following:

  • Housing issues
  • Benefit eligibility
  • Social, immigration, and family issues among others

AnchorPediatric-Adolescent Aftercare Program

The Adolescent Aftercare Clinic within the Adolescent Center at Boston Medical Center provides confidential (private) follow-up care for teens who have been sexually assaulted, or who may have had other types of non-work related exposures to blood or other body fluids. Many of these teens have already been seen in the Emergency Room or by their primary care providers, but need a source of follow-up care that we can provide. For questions or referrals, please call the AAC Social Worker at 617.414.2597.