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Pediatrics - Teen and Tot Program

The Pediatrics Department is home to the Teen and Tot Program (TTP) which is a specialized program located within Boston Medical Center’s Adolescent Center.

TTP is a comprehensive, innovative program of care, support and education for pregnant and parenting adolescents and their children. It was created so that teenagers up to the age of 21 and their children up to the age of 3 years old can come to their medical appointments together and the same physician can address the needs of both adolescents and their children.

TTP encourages teens to use all of the services the Adolescent Center provides, including prenatal classes for pregnant teens and parenting classes for parents. TTP staff specialized in the unique needs of adolescents. Their comprehensive approach provides teen parents access to various medical services such as standard adolescent care which includes primary care for mothers, fathers and children.

Parents utilizing TTP will have access to prenatal care and education, parenting groups, nutrition counseling, confidential HIV/STD counseling and testing and healthy baby and healthy child nurse home visits.* TTP provides young parents with parenting education and support groups.* Parents have the ability to access family planning counselors/ contraception counseling and management, intensive case management services, health education, mental health services, early intervention referrals and linkages to health and social services. Case management coordinates the smooth transition of women between obstetrical care and primary care.

If you have any questions regarding our services or placement referrals please feel free to contact us.

*Subject to funding

TTP is a comprehensive, innovative program of care, support and education for pregnant and parenting adolescents and their children.


The Teen and Tot Program provides:

  • Prenatal Care and Education
  • Parenting Education/Support Groups
  • Family Planning
  • Case Management Services
  • Early Intervention Referrals
  • Social and Mental Health Services

The Teen and Tot Program’s hallmark service is a ten week prenatal education class free of charge in a friendly and welcoming environment. Each class focuses on different aspects of the newborn, targeted to the needs of teenage parents - both mothers and fathers. Subjects covered include:

  • Prenatal care
  • Nutrition
  • Delivery and postpartum recovery
  • Newborn and toddler development
  • Breastfeeding
  • Contraception
  • School and work issues
  • Support and education for young fathers
  • Housing and benefits information

Classes are held weekly and food is provided. Family members and friends are welcome to attend.