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Many teenagers and young adults struggle with addiction to drugs, alcohol, or both.  At Boston Medical Center, the Center for Addiction Treatment for AdoLescent/Young adults who use SubsTances (CATALYST) program helps teens and young adults who are struggling with addiction. Our clinic provides access to a wide range of services including primary care, behavioral health, and support resources for patients up to age 25 and their families.

Team Approach

We are a multidisciplinary team consisting of physician’s (two of which are board certified in addiction medicine) a social worker, nurse, patient navigator and outreach worker, all overseen by a program manager and medical director. Specially trained and adept to working with young patients struggling with substance use, together we strive to provide the best care for patients and their families paving a clear path to recovery.


  • Assessment and diagnosis of substance use disorders (SUDs)
  • Counseling support
  • Treatment of SUDs with medications (such as buprenorphine and naltrexone)
  • Monitoring with urine drug testing
  • HIV, HCV screening and treatment options
  • Overdose education and naloxone access
  • Visits for families both of patients who are in treatment and not in treatment
  • Access to primary care
  • Pregnancy prevention
  • Outreach support through patient navigation

In order for our team to provide substance use care, patients must receive primary care Boston Medical Center. The CATALYST Clinic team can help patients schedule and establish primary care at BMC in addition to their substance use care/services.