At Boston Medical Center, we recognize that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to addiction treatment. BMC has developed tailored treatment programs that meet patients where they are, be it in an office or on the street. All of our programs emphasize evidence-based treatments.

Addiction Services at BMC

To schedule an appointment with an addiction specialist, please call 617-638-5500 or learn more about our programs below.

Our Services




The Rapid ACCESS Program is able to answer questions about the various addiction programs at BMC, schedule patients for appointments in the program best suited to meet their needs, and pair high-risk patients to recovery coaching to ensure they attend their initial appointments. The Connection Hotline Team is also able to take electronic referrals from providers, and reaches out to the patient and connect them to services.

Our team of Recovery Coaches works with patients in need of support and guidance to find the right long-term treatment program, and works with patients at high-risk of overdose to optimize their safety. Recovery Coaches also facilitate low-barrier, drop-in group therapy sessions alongside our team of therapists, who provide evidence-based psychotherapy treatment for addiction.

Project TRUST

Project TRUST is Boston Medical Center’s street-level drop-in center, which uses Public Health Outreach Specialists to provide harm reduction supplies, including syringe distribution and naloxone to clients with SUD.  Basic clinical care, HIV/HCV/STI testing and treatment linkage, case management, contraception, and wound care are also offered.

Learn more about Project TRUST 

Project TRUST is located at 721 Massachusetts Ave, Boston, MA 02118.

Call 617.680.1828 for more information.

Faster Paths to Treatment

Faster Paths is an SUD urgent care center that rapidly evaluates, motivates, and refers patients with substance use disorders to a comprehensive care network of inpatient and outpatient detoxification, treatment, and aftercare services integrated with mental health and medical care. The patient intake involves a meeting with the addiction nurse and a physician who gathers a history and conducts a physical exam (including labs for HIV, Hepatitis C, and sexually transmitted infections).

Learn more about Faster Paths

Faster Paths is located at 850 Harrison Ave 1st floor, Suite 1210 Boston, MA 02118

Call 617.414.4580 for more information.

Project ASSERT 

Project ASSERT provides greater access to substance use treatment in the emergency department and includes a variety of social and community healthcare support services. Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselors use motivational interviewing to encourage patients and family members to seek care for risky use of substances. They also help patients access primary care, clinical preventive services, and the drug and alcohol treatment system.

Learn more about Project ASSERT

Project ASSERT is located at 850 Harrison Ave 1st floor, Suite 1210 Boston, MA 02118

Call 617.414.4388 for more information.

Office Based Addiction Treatment (OBAT) 

BMC’s OBAT integrates addiction treatment into a primary care setting, enabling patients to receive care for substance use disorders similar to the way that other chronic medical conditions are managed. Our OBAT program is a nationally recognized and nationally replicated, collaborative care model that relies on nurse care managers to ensure delivery of high-quality addiction treatment while effectively and efficiently utilizing the time of physicians waivered to prescribe buprenorphine (Suboxone).

Learn more about OBAT

OBAT is located in the Shapiro Building, Suite 5B, 725 Albany Street, Boston, MA 02118

Call 617.414.4123 for more information


CATALYST (Center for Addiction Treatment for AdoLescents/Young adults who use SubsTances) is BMC’s adolescent and young-adult specialty program. CATALYST provides developmentally appropriate care with a multi-disciplinary team of Addiction Medicine Specialists, social workers, nurses, and recovery coaches. Depending on the patient, treatment plans may include current evidence-based medications for addiction and co-occurring psychiatric disorders, psychotherapy, infectious disease treatment and prevention, contingency management, and assistance with recovery needs such as transitional assistance, food security, employment and residential programs.

Learn more about CATALYST

CATALYST is located at 850 Harrison Avenue, 6th Floor, Boston MA, 02118

Call 617.414.6655 for more information

Project RESPECT 

Based in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Project RESPECT (Recovery, Empowerment, Social Services, Prenatal Care, Education, Community, and Treatment) is a regional referral center for pregnant women with substance use disorders. Project RESPECT provides innovative, multidisciplinary prenatal care by combining obstetric, substance use recovery services, peer recovery support, and behavioral health within a specialized prenatal care clinic.

Learn more about Project RESPECT

Project RESPECT is located at 850 Harrison Avenue, 5th Floor, Boston MA, 02118

Call 617.414.4165 for more information

SOFAR Clinic

Based in Pediatric Primary Care, the SOFAR (Supporting Our Families through Addiction and Recovery) clinic is a comprehensive pediatric outpatient program for families impacted by substance use disorders. The clinic provides primary care for substance exposed newborns and children, as well as subspecialty care including developmental and ophthalmologic assessments, and routine follow-up for Hepatitis C perinatal exposure. The clinic also provides addiction support services for the mothers, as well as social work services and peer recovery support.

Learn more about SOFAR

SOFAR is located at  850 Harrison Avenue, 6th Floor, Boston MA, 02118

Call 617.414.5988 for more information


Based in the Department of Psychiatry, the ABOVE program provides treatment for individuals with substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health needs. The program’s primary goal is to ensure that patients with substance use disorder have access to medication treatment for both SUD and mental health disorders, group and individual counseling, and peer support in order to help patients achieve their treatment goals.

Learn more about ABOVE

ABOVE is located In the Dowling Building, 9th Floor, 850 Harrison Avenue, Boston MA, 02118

Call 617.414.4238 for more information

Addiction Consult Service 

The Addiction Consult Service improves the quality of care for hospitalized patients with substance use disorders and transitions them to post-hospitalization substance use treatment. The program’s services include the initiation of medication to treat addictions, pain management recommendations, and assistance transitioning to community-based addiction treatment programs.

The Addiction Consult Service is available to patients admitted to the hospital. Please discuss with your or your loved one’s primary care team if you would like to speak to the Consult Service.