Rapid ACCESS (Assessment, Connection, Counseling, and Engagement with SUD Services) program aims to connect patients with substance use disorders (SUDs) to world-class, evidence-based treatment at Boston Medical Center. These programs are designed to improve and support access to existing addiction treatment programs at BMC and in the community. Our team consists of recovery coaches, licensed social workers, and recovery support navigators who all work in collaboration to help patients access evidence-based treatment for addiction.


Addiction Treatment Connection Hotline

Rapid ACCESS’s Addiction Treatment Connection Hotline (617.638.5500) helps providers, patients, and family members navigate through the various addiction treatment programs at BMC. Our Hotline is designed to place patients in the most suitable addiction program by conducting a brief assessment and then booking patients an appointment with the most appropriate treatment team, whether that be the CATALYST program in Pediatrics, the Project RESPECT program in Obstetrics, the OBAT program in Primary Care, or any others. 

Evidence-Based Addiction Counseling - Set to launch end of 2021

Rapid ACCESS offers both individual and group counseling services for patients with SUD. Our counselors provide evidence-based therapy for patients who have a substance use disorder without FDA-approved medication treatment options (ex. Cocaine use disorders, cannabis use disorders) and alcohol use disorders. Our clinicians conduct psychosocial and diagnostic assessments, create individualized treatment plans, and lead evidence-based therapeutic sessions that are tailored towards the needs of patients with addiction. Individual counseling sessions are held throughout the week and are by appointment only. Our low barrier drop-in group counseling sessions are held multiple times throughout the week and do not require an appointment. 

Access Coordinator

Our Access Coordinator works with patients admitted to the hospital on our inpatient floors to connect patients to residential treatment for their substance use upon discharge. The Access Coordinator works closely with the Social Work Consult Service and the Addiction Consult Service to ensure that patients have a clear plan for when they leave the hospital to support their recovery. 

Advocacy Team

The Rapid ACCESS Advocacy Team is comprised of recovery coaches, peer support advocates, and youth specialists who support patients who are contemplating treatment, beginning treatment, or transitioning treatment settings. The Advocacy team provides coaching, motivation, and guidance to patients who would benefit from additional supports, with the goal of passing that supportive role off to a recovery coach embedded in an outpatient program.