VIAP is just one of BMC's wide range of programs and services available to the community. In some cases, advocates may refer clients to different or additional programs based upon their circumstances and set of needs, although a referral is not needed from VIAP to utilize other programs.

Community Violence Response Team (CVRT)

BMC's team of clinicians dedicated to providing individual and family counseling services to survivors of violence and family members who have been impacted by violence

Domestic Violence Program

BMC's resource for patients, employees, community members, and anyone who is seeking information or help with domestic violence

Grayken Center for Addiction

A national hub for substance use disorders resources with more than a dozen treatment and support programs for patients of all backgrounds 

SPARK Center - Supporting Parents and Resilient Kids

An interdisciplinary site for several BMC specialty services located within the enterprising neighborhood of Mattapan, providing innovative, comprehensive care to children and offering a serene, private, and welcoming space for children and their caregivers 

Child Witness to Violence Project (CWVP)

Run under the Department of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, CWVP provides free, specialized counseling, advocacy, and outreach services that focus on young children, ages birth to 8 years old, who have been exposed to domestic violence, community violence, or other trauma-related events

Boston Services for Trauma and Resources for Families (STAR)

A program dedicated to providing mental health services to BMC patients from birth to 17 years old who have experienced traumatic events

Social Determinants of Health

Information and related programs on how BMC continues to work to understand and address social determinants of health, including education, employment, community safety, immigration status, financial wellness, food/nutrition, and housing security

Immigrant and Refugee Health Center

Connects all of BMC’s existing programs and expertise in immigrant and refugee health care into one central point of entry where any immigrant patient can be connected with all of BMC’s medical, mental health and social services that they need in order to heal, rebuild and thrive