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Please note: The Autism Program at Boston Medical Center is a family resource and support program. If you are looking for an evaluation for autism, or other information about clinical care including making an appointment with one of our clinicians, wait times, or referrals, please contact Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics at 617.414.4841.

Direct Patient Care and Support

The Autism Program is an extension of care for patients and families seen in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Boston Medical Center. Our team is committed to assisting and empowering patient and their families to meet their goals through:

  • Autism Resource Support
  • Family Navigation
  • Transition-to-Adulthood Planning Support

Direct Patient Care and Support Services


The Autism Program at Boston Medical Center routinely offers trainings on topics for both parent and professional audiences. Resource trainings can include:

  • Autism 101

  • Resource Trainings

  • Transition to Adulthood Planning

  • Navigating ASD: An Innovative Culturally Diverse Parent Support Model

  • Safety, Sexuality and Autism

Visit our Trainings tab for a more comprehensive description of these training topics. For availability, pricing, and discussion about your group’s needs, please contact us at [email protected].

Community Initiatives

Parent Leadership in Autism Network (PLAN)

PLAN logo

  • A diverse and multilingual group of trained parent leaders who offer peer support to caregivers who have children or adolescents of any age with an autism diagnosis.
  • Monthly meeting for parent leaders with training opportunities.
  • Free and open to anyone in the community.


Teens Engaged as Mentors (TEAM)

TEAM logo

  • A unique mentoring model that pairs teens with and without autism to co-mentor a younger child on the autism spectrum.
  • A school year program of supervised monthly hangouts.
  • Free and open to anyone in the community.
  • Monthly events include a mix of social-recreational and community service activities, with 2 yearly trainings for mentors.