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Internship and Volunteer Placement

The internship and volunteer placement with the Autism Program at Boston Medical Center provides undergraduate and graduate level students the opportunity to participate in a rich applied hospital based placement supporting children and families. The program relies heavily on the support, creativity, and drive of student interns and volunteers in various capacities based on the program and individual student’s needs. The student intern or volunteer works with BMC Autism Program staff including the Program Director, Program Manager, Family and Transition Navigators, Autism Resource Specialist and Autism Friendly Project Coordinator (as well as clinicians and other interns/volunteer staff) in executing many aspects and components of our family support program, as identified in the project descriptions below. Interns and volunteers also have the opportunity to observe diagnostic and follow-up clinic appointments with Developmental and Behavioral Pediatric clinicians, as well as participate in a plethora of training opportunities.

This symbiotic relationship between interns/volunteers and Autism Program/DBP staff provides the program with integral support, and becomes the basis for multidimensional, hands-on learning opportunities for students on their individual pathways toward entering the professional field, thus addressing a national “pipeline” shortage of trained individuals interested in working in high risk communities.

For more information or to apply for an internship/volunteer opportunity, please fill out our online application or contact Lauren Bartolotti at [email protected] or 617.414.3691.

The BMC Autism Program has developed ongoing collaborative partnerships with several local colleges and universities across the metro Boston area. More broadly, however, our students and volunteers come representing many more educational institutions from all across the state and across the country.

  • Four Weeks for America, a full time/four-week internship placement in partnership with MIT
  • Dual research/applied internship with BU Center for Autism Research Excellence - CARE
  • Child Advocacy internship in partnership with Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Research and Public Policy Practicum placements through BU School of Public Health
  • Field placement partnerships with Northeastern University and Boston College
  • Tufts University Graduate Capstone and Clinical Fieldwork internship placements

General Programmatic Operations

  • Monitoring the database which tracks patient referrals
  • Creation of new resources, such as handouts and toolkits, around topics of interest/need
  • Management of social media platforms including content development and engagement with followers
  • Identification of statewide supports, programs and resources for families
  • General administrative tasks such as: managing the program hotline, maintaining the in-clinic resource library, and assisting in creating marketing materials for fundraising events, trainings and community partnerships
  • Supporting staff in referral execution
  • Participating in development of trainings and workshops for parents/ professionals/community members as well as community outreach initiatives

Parent Leadership in Autism Program (PLAN)

  • Meeting planning and preparation
  • Facilitation of follow-up survey with supported families
  • Social media and program marketing

Teens Engaged as Mentors Program (TEAM)

  • Event planning and preparation
  • Community outreach and donation solicitation
  • Social media and program marketing
  • Analysis of quantitative data

Autism Friendly Hospital Initiative

  • Research related tasks including quantitative and qualitative data analysis
  • Website and marketing support
  • Quality Improvement Projects
  • Patient and family phone calls for the Autism Support Checklist


  • Bilingual assistance with executing family referrals, including meeting with families to complete forms and applications
  • Attendance at community meetings with staff and families
  • Resource development on self-advocacy and post-secondary transition planning specifically written for youth

Advocacy Efforts

  • Partnering with program staff and clinicians around a range of advocacy efforts—including but not limited to barriers to treatment for minority populations, language access rights etc.


  • Background in psychology, child development, social work, human behavior, pre-med, data science, health policy or related fields.
  • Comfort and/or experience working with individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and communities.
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving, communication, and time-management skills.
  • Ability to effectively contribute within a team setting, in addition to working independently and an ability for self-accountability
  • Capacity and willingness to learn about Autism Spectrum Disorder and related issues faced by families navigating the diagnosis, as well as associated community based agencies, programs, resources and supports, under the mentorship of the Program Manager and BMC Autism Program staff.

The Autism Program at Boston Medical Center is committed to sharing values of diversity and inclusion in order to achieve and sustain excellence. We actively promote and recognize principles of fairness, equity, and social justice in relation to, and across, intersections of race, age, color, disability, faith, religion, ancestry, national origin, citizenship, sex, sexual orientation, social class, economic class, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, and all other identities. By actively fostering an environment and mission of inclusion, we acknowledge the collective and individual talents, skills, and perspectives of all persons collaborating with and supporting our work that productively contribute to accomplishing the goal and mission of our program.


  • Prior professional work or personal experience with an individual impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Proficiency in a language other than English
  • Experience working with Transition-aged Youth

Spring 2018 

Kirquenique Rolle, Boston University (Dual internship with BU CARE)
Jenna Terio, Tufts University
Yichen Zhu, Tufts University (Graduate)
Eri Tomikawa, Boston University
Sophie Rinkoff-Murland, Boston University
Daniel Cahill, Boston University (Graduate Thesis)
Julia Goupil, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sharon Chao, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jacalyn Bedard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Graduate)
Kaitlyn McArdle, MS, BCBA, LABA
Samson Park, Cornell University '14

Winter 2018 

Daniel Cahill, Boston University (Graduate Thesis)
Olivia Gaffney, Lesley University
Christine Huang, Bryn Mawr College
Four Weeks for America, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Amy Zhang
Julia Goupil
Jacalyn Bedard (Graduate)
Kenechukwu Egbuonu
Sharon Chao
Coral Bays-Muchmore
Claire Nobuhara
Philip Tran
Roma Pradhan
Maedeh Marzoughi
Melody Phu
Lia Hsu-Rodriguez
Samuel Solomon
Anubhav Arora (Graduate)

Fall 2017

Jenna Terio, Tufts University
Asia Williams, Northeastern University
Courtney Grygiel, Tufts University
Kirquenique Rolle, Boston University (Dual internship with BU CARE)
Jaanvi Sant, Tufts University
Daniel Cahill, Boston University (Graduate Thesis)
Julia Goupil, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sharon Chao, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Summer 2017 

Jenna Terio, Tufts University
Christine Huang, Bryn Mawr College (Dual internship with BU CARE)
Hanna Dunsky, University of Connecticut
Andrea Wood, Wheaton College
Julia Goupil, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Spring 2017 

Phanirekha Chandra, Boston University (Dual internship with BU CARE)
Nicolle Garcia, Bridgewater State University
Jenna Terio, Tufts University
Katherine Farnsworth, Harvard University (Graduate)
Sama Halawani, King Saud University '13
Julia Goupil, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Winter 2017 

Four Weeks for America, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Amy Zhang
Andrew Hall
Chittampalli Yashaswini
Helena Ma
Julia Ginder
Julia Goupil
Julie Kim
Luzdary Ruelas
Raymond Liu
Yvette Abadi

Fall 2016 

Aurora Phillips, Tufts University 
Ana Goodenberger, Northeastern University
Phanirekha Chandra, Boston University (Dual internship with BU CARE)

Summer 2016 

Shamaila Khan, Brandeis University 
Rachel Hantman, University of Washington
Cara Aborn, Trinity College 

Spring 2016 

Simone Dufresne, Tufts University (Graduate Capstone) 
Megan Souza, Tufts University 
Elizabeth Wolock, Tufts University 
Liza Ashley, Northeastern University 

Fall 2015 

Chrissie Massrey, Tufts University '14
Simone Dufresne, Tufts University (Graduate Capstone) 
Maddy Kenler, Tufts University 
Samantha Fine, Tufts University
Samantha Watts, Boston University 
Joyce Kao, Social Work Intern 

Summer 2015 

Chrissie Massrey, Tufts University '14
Julia Slater, Tufts University
Elana Lerner, Alvernia University (Graduate) 
Christina Besosa, University of Georgia 

Spring 2015 

Rachel Wright, Tufts University 
Chrissie Massrey, Tufts University '14
Lauren Gabriel, Tufts University (Graduate) 
Lindsay Rosen, Tufts University (Graduate) 
Lauren Mattera, Boston University 

Fall 2014 

Sara Taxman, Tufts University 
Rachel Wright, Tufts University 
Kara Czeczotka, Boston University

Summer 2014

Alyssa LoGrasso, Clark University 
Hayley Grossman, Tufts University
Grace Conway, Wake Forest University 

Spring 2014

Gabby Horner, Tufts University 
Jillian McDermott, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Shannon McHenry, Tufts University 

Fall 2013

Sasha Parodi, Boston University 
Jacquelyn Roche, Northeastern University 
Samantha Straitz, Boston University 

Summer 2013 

Jolie Strauss, Tufts University 
Laurie Steiglitz, Boston University 
Dan Vogel, Colby College