ELGAN 1 and 2 study related projects
A multi-center funded study of extremely low gestational aged infants looking at the role of perinatal biomarkers for predicting childhood brain disorders

  • Microcephaly: Antecedents and outcome correlates over the first 10 years of life
  • Environment, epigenetics, neurodevelopment & health of extreme premature children
  • Evaluation of presence and evolution of protective reflexes (parachute and lateral protective reflexes) at 1 and 2 years in those with and without cerebral palsy (CP)
  • Analysis of brain volumetric, connectomes, and other MRI parameters as associated with adverse neurological outcomes in ELGAN population
  • Correlation of neonatal head ultrasound studies with MRI studies performed at 10 and 15 years of age
  • Sleep disorder in the ELGAN population
  • Motor impairment trajectory over 15 years for children diagnosed with CP at two years

HRSA Grant-Related Projects
Improving outcome and access to healthcare for children and youth with epilepsy who face health disparities or geographic barriers for receiving high quality care

  • Seizure screening for high risk children in English and Spanish
  • Transitioning youth with epilepsy to adult care
  • Mental health in children and youth with epilepsy
  • Implementing a mentoring program to support youth with epilepsy

Multiple Research Projects in Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and Concussion

  1. Telemedicine in TBI - multicenter funded study
  2. Investigation of blood-brain barrier dysfunction by MRI in mild to moderate TBI
  3. Concussion Referrals in pediatrics and Adolescents in the urban safety-net hospital
  4. Relationship of mild TBI in patients with normal standard MRIs and connectomes
  5. Connectomics in TBI

Research Projects in Pediatric Movement Disorder

  • Prevalence and epidemiology of tics and Tourette syndrome at an urban health center
  • Epidemiology of tic disorders following extreme preterm birth (ELGAN Study)
  • Predicting severity and duration of tics in Tourette syndrome
  • Evaluation of telemedicine usage in pediatric movement disorders

Research Projects in Sleep Disorder

  • Sleep consolidation disorder as a correlate/contributor of neonatal abstinence syndrome
  • Practices and problems associated with performing MSLT in children
  • Effects of yoga on sleep quality in children
  • Evaluation and treatment of sleep problems in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder


  • Evaluate validity of a proposed nomenclature for CP subtypes compared to other historical approaches
  • Evaluate validity of intracranial pressure measures in infants using bedside tilt method

Quality Indicators Projects

  • Reduction of admission medication reconciliation errors for pediatric neurology patients
  • Improve acute stroke evaluation and detection in the pediatric population 
  • Improve triage and pre-presentation management of acute pediatric headaches
  • Enhance education and documentation of primary pediatric neurology admissions