Dr. Karl Kuban has special expertise in motor impairments, particularly those associated with cerebral palsy. Dr. Kuban received formal training as a cerebral palsy fellow at Children's Hospital Boston, and has more than 30 years experience caring for patients with this disorder. Additionally, he has devoted more than 25 years working on research aimed to better understand the causes and risks for developing cerebral palsy, and helping to find possible preventative and treatment options. He and other members of the Division of Pediatric Neurology also have broad experience in diagnosing and managing children with motor delays and other causes of motor impairment, including incoordination, dyspraxia, nerve and muscular disorders and disorders of brain formation and function.

Boston Medical Center's Pediatric Department also has a Comprehensive Care Program (CCP) for families in need of comprehensive medical care. For more information about this helpful service for families of children with complex medical needs, please see the Comprehensive Care Program site.