Developmental delay is one of the most frequent problems we see in the Division of Pediatric Neurology. Such delays are often quite specific, selectively affecting one or more of the following: motor skills (large and small); language (expressive and receptive); cognition (general intelligence); learning (including reading, writing and mathematics); attention (including ADHD); memory; and behavior and emotional functioning (including autism). In other instances, a child’s developmental delay may be more global.

The Developmental Delays Program

There are many, diverse causes for such delays, and proper diagnosis and treatment demands a high level of clinical expertise. Every physician in the Division of Pediatric Neurology at Boston Medical Center is expert in conducting such evaluations and then formulating an optimal and individualized treatment plan. With such children, we frequently draw upon the many resources at Boston Medical Center, enlisting the collaboration of other health care professionals and the most up-to date technologies, ensuring that we provide maximal assistance to every child whom we evaluate for developmental delay.

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