Individuals and families who leave their homelands for the United States face unique challenges that can impact their health. Studies have estimated that up to 1 in 3 refugees has experienced PTSD, depression, torture, or rape. Immigrants of all kinds may also encounter challenges after their U.S. arrival — from trouble finding meaningful work and stable housing to discrimination and legal worries regarding their immigration status. Such fears may discourage them from seeking the health care and services they need to thrive.

All people should have access to quality healthcare regardless of their immigration status or their country of origin. At Boston Medical Center, we're committed to serving the needs of immigrants, including refugees and asylum seekers. Our specialty clinics and multilingual staff provide comprehensive and coordinated care in a safe, trusting environment. We assess each patient’s needs holistically — offering referrals for housing, legal, and social work and delivering trauma-informed care for women’s and perinatal health, primary care, chronic issues, behavioral health, and more. Together with our partners, BMC also advocates for human rights and social justice for all.

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