Education, Job Training and Employment

Education and employment create the foundation for financial stability and play a multidimensional role in health outcomes and healthcare access. Stable work that pays a living wage helps families and individuals overcome barriers to health, such as economic hardship, housing instability, and food insecurity. Insufficient education and employment opportunities, on the other hand, are associated with lower incomes and a multitude of health challenges, including a higher risk of chronic diseases and mental health problems. 

To increase economic opportunity and support healthier communities, Boston Medical Center (BMC) partners with local and national organizations on workforce development initiatives, job training and internship programs, and continuing education opportunities for patients. BMC's human resources department also supports patients with resume preparation and interview coaching for career opportunities in industries ranging from construction to healthcare. Helping patients build skills and confidence that last a lifetime means they can reach their full potential and contribute to a stronger, healthier community.

Resources and Partners