Welcome to Living Well at Home, BMC's housing services department. We help patients find and maintain stable housing. In our view, access to safe, affordable, and stable housing is not only a human right, but also preventative medicine.

In 2022, Elders Living at Home, which has been providing high-quality housing services to clients for over 35 years, merged with the Housing Prescriptions program to create one housing services team at BMC called Living Well at Home. We have a dedicated team of case managers and social workers who provide high-quality housing services to people in need. Though we now serve people and families of all ages, older adults continue to be one of our priority populations. 

In FY23 we helped house 177 households, prevented 44 evictions, and served over 600 clients in our transformative programs.

Join us in building a healthier, more stable future, one home at a time.

Contacts and Referrals

Do you or someone you know need assistance with finding housing or keeping housing?

If so, please fill out this referral form. You can email it to Housing.FAQ&Referrals@bmc.org or fax it to 617-638-6175.

Email: Housing.FAQ&Referrals@bmc.org
Phone: 617-638-6139

If you have any other questions, please email or call us at the contacts listed above.

Mission and Philosophy


To support Greater Boston households in improving their overall health and wellbeing by advocating and removing barriers to housing and providing wraparound behavioral health and case management supportive services. The program strives to end the cycle of homelessness and improve the overall well-being of our community.


We aim to support people experiencing homelessness in transforming their lives. Our guiding principles are rooted in housing first, harm reduction, self-determination, an orientation toward each person’s unique strengths, anti-racism, cultural competency, accessibility, accountability, and transparency.

Programs and Services

Our dedicated staff at Living Well at Home are committed to guiding clients through every step of their housing journey, including pre-tenancy, post-tenancy stabilization, and preserving existing housing through eviction prevention. 

Pre-Tenancy Supports

Our staff provide intensive support in the housing search and placement process, advocating for clients with housing providers, and supporting clients in overcoming barriers to housing. 

Post-Tenancy Stabilization

Once our clients are housed, we provide support and services to help clients thrive in independent housing. This includes conducting regular home visits, supporting basic tenancy and life skills, and working with clients to create individualized service plans based on their specific goals and needs. We also help clients coordinate with clinical services and access benefits they may be entitled to.

We are also facilitating a hybrid peer support group for seniors (60+) who are transitioning into permanent housing or who have experienced housing insecurity. If you are interested in peer support group servcies, please email this form for Lora Brugnaro at Lora.Brugnaro@bmc.org.

Eviction Prevention

Recognizing the importance of housing stability, our staff actively works on eviction prevention. Through skillful mediation and advocacy, we intervene on behalf of clients to preserve tenancy, mitigating issues that may lead to eviction. This includes attending court hearings with clients and helping them navigate the legal system.

Patient Resources

Below are a variety of resources anyone can use: