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Help for children struggling with or exploring gender identity

Help for children struggling with or exploring gender identity

Is your child or teen struggling with ot exploring their gender identity? Perhaps they don’t feel “in-sync” with who they really are, or are expressing themselves in a new or different way. Whether the terms transgender or gender non-conforming are familiar or new, BMC has an open door for treatment and support.

The Child and Adolescent Trans/Gender Center for Health, otherwise known as CATCH, was established this spring and serves as a medical home for children, teens, and their parents, offering compassionate, specialized support and care.

“Our clinic offers support across the entire spectrum,” says Mandy Coles, MD, MPH, clinic director and adolescent medicine specialist. “Some patients and families are looking for education around gender identity and development, or come in for therapeutic support. In other cases we take treatment a step further and offer gender-affirming medication therapy, like hormones or hormone blockers.”

CATCH is dually part of the Pediatrics Department and the Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery at BMC. Visits for first time patients are thorough, often lasting about 90 minutes, and include a full mental health evaluation with Dr. Coles and her social work colleague Erin Peterson, LICSW. All treatment plans are individualized based on the specific goals of each patient and their family. 

For more information, visit our website or call 617.414.4841 to schedule an appointment.