We are pleased to recognize the following Boston Medical Center staff as having completed the requirements necessary to be considered Autism Friendly!

  1. Alayna Madden (Pharmacy Technician III) 
  2. Alexander Friedman (Program Manager, Autism Program) 
  3. Amber Pothier (Certified Nursing Assistant, Emergency Department) 
  4. Anna Patrusheva (Operations Director, OB/GYN) 
  5. Barbara Mullin (Nurse, Pediatric Emergency Department) 
  6. Belinda O'Hagan (Junior Research Scientist, Division of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics) 
  7. Christine McGivney (Fellow, Division of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics) 
  8. Christine Naoum Heffernan (Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric Neurology/Pulmonology/Allergy and Pain Clinics) 
  9. Constance Packard (Senior Director, Chief Public Safety) 
  10. Daniel Cain (Pharmacy Technician Supervisor) 
  11. Daniel Miguel (Public Safety Officer) 
  12. Elizabeth Ferriero (Autism Resource Specialist, Autism Program) 
  13. Erica Marchetta-Wood (Ambulatory Service Representative, Otolaryngology) 
  14. Gabrielle Simons (Culinary Nutrition Educator, Teaching Kitchen) 
  15. Hillary Hollis (Autism Resource Specialist, Autism Program) 
  16. Ilka Beltre-Mercado (Pharmacy Technician III) 
  17. Jackson Quinn (Pharmacy Technician III) 
  18. Jacqueline McKendry (Autism Resource Specialist, Autism Program) 
  19. Jessica Christopulos (BEST Team) 
  20. Kathryn Bartolotti (Manager, Accounting) 
  21. Katie Jordan (Social Worker) 
  22. Katie Parrish (Certified Child Life Specialist, Otolaryngology & Surgery) 
  23. Kirsten Robinson (Certified Child Life Specialist, Pediatric Emergency Department) 
  24. Kristin Cordes (Fellowship & Clinical Coordinator, Division of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics) 
  25. Lauren Bartolotti Busa (Associate Program Director, Autism Program) 
  26. Madelyn Goskoski (Program Assistant, Autism Program) 
  27. Marilyn Augustyn (Division Director, Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics) 
  28. Michael Shaw (Public Safety, Evidence Control/Lost & Found Officer) 
  29. Michael Siena (Peer Specialist, Psychiatry
  30. Miriam Guerrier (Family Navigator, Pediatric Hematology) 
  31. Molly Ann Duggan (Child Life Manager) 
  32. Pamela Kuzia (Nurse, Radiology) 
  33. Patricia Donovan (Nurse, Inpatient) 
  34. Rebecca Stafford (Research Assistant, Neurosurgery) 
  35. Sam Manini (Physical Therapy Assistant
  36. Sara Bastin (Autism Resource Specialist, Autism Program) 
  37. Shari Krauss (Program Director, Autism Program) 
  38. Troy Cox (Biomedical Health Prevention Specialist)