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Large Vessel Occlusion Stroke

In 2015, five landmark trials demonstrated the benefit of opening large vessel occlusion strokes in select patients suffering a stroke within an 8 hour time window. In 2017, the DAWN trial demonstrated benefit of extending this window out to select patients presenting with wake –up strokes or unwitnessed onset stroke up to a 24 hour window. 

At Boston Medical Center, our Neuroendovascular and Stroke teams are committed to providing rapid, safe and effective treatment of these patients 24/7/365. We value our partnerships with our EMS, ER, Neurology and Hospitalist colleagues at Primary Stroke Centers in identifying these patients early and providing streamlined care of these patients. 

To discuss building interfacility protocol and transfer of these patients, please contact: 
Thanh Nguyen at [email protected]
Marci Leifson at [email protected]

To refer a patient, please call our Acute Stroke Hotline:

1.844.BMC.4.CVA (1.844.262.4282)

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