TRA 2P – TIMI 50: Trial to Assess the Effects of SCH 530348 in Preventing Heart Attack and Stroke in Patients With Atherosclerosis

Sponsor: Schering Plough

Investigators: Carlos Kase MD (principal), Viken Babikian MD, Jose Romero MD

Trial results available here

This was a large clinical trial (with 26,449 patients) that evaluated whether the addition of SCH 530348 (Vorapaxar) to existing standard of care will yield additional benefit in prevention of heart attacks and strokes. In stable patients with a history of atherothrombosis, study results showed decreased deaths from cardiovascular disease, MI and stroke incidence and increased moderate and severe bleeding when added to standard of care. It appears to reduce recurrent atherothrombosis, caution is patient selection is needed due to increase bleeding.