PROFESS: Prevention Regimen For Effectively avoiding Second Strokes

Sponsor: Boehringer Ingelheim

Investigators: Carlos Kase MD, Viken Babikian MD, Jose Romero MD

PRoFESS Results Announced At XVII European Stroke Conference on Thursday 15 May 2008.

The PRoFESS trial, a large clinical research study for secondary stroke prevention showed that the recurrent stroke event rates for Aggrenox and clopidogrel were similar. In further exploratory analysis of the main secondary endpoint of the composite of stroke, myocardial infarction or vascular death, AGGRENOX and clopidogrel showed similar outcomes (13.1% versus 13.1%). In PRoFESS, the AGGRENOX arm had a higher number of hemorrhagic strokes compared to clopidogrel (0.8% and 0.4%, respectively) while ischemic stroke recurrences were less frequent in the AGGRENOX arm compared to the clopidogrel arm (7.7% and 7.9%, respectively). A post-hoc analysis showed comparable numbers of death and disabling strokes and a similar neurological outcome as measured by the modified Rankin Scale at three months after the recurrent stroke and at the end of the PRoFESS trial between the two treatment arms.