MULTISTEM: Double-blind, Randomized, Placebo-controlled Phase 2 Safety and Efficacy Trial of MultiStem in Adults with Ischemic Stroke

Sponsor: Athersys

Investigators: Viken Babikian MD (principal), Jose Romero MD, Thanh Nguyen MD, Carlos Kase MD


Stem cells are the 'master cells' of the body from which other cells, tissues, organs, and bones are created. The two types of human stem cells are 'embryonic stem cells' that are created during the very early formation of a baby and 'adult stem cells' that are found in the tissues of all adults. MultiStem is an adult stem call product made up of living cells that came from one adult donor's bone marrow and his similar features to other blood products. This donor is anonymous, meaning that the donor's identity is unknown to you, the study doctor, or study staff. This donor was medically tested to ensure that he or she was healthy and did not have medical conditions that could be passed to you.


A study to examine the safety and potential effectiveness of the adult stem cell investigational product, MultiStem, in adults who have suffered an ischemic stroke. The hypothesis is that MultiStem will be safe and provide benefit following an ischemic stroke.

Results pending