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Income account balances are shown at the bottom of the Budget Status Report. Income accounts will not have budgets entered and the administrator should rely on the balance available data when reviewing these accounts. Income account balances are posted twice monthly so it is possible for a deposit to take several weeks before appearing in the balance on the BSR.


Typically, account setups are completed and notifications with the new activity number are sent to the PI and Administrator between five to ten business days after the award notice.



Request a Lawson LBI user account by visiting the FIS User Access Forms page and selecting the LBI Reports option for "Research" for Finance/Grants reporting.You may also select the "Hospital/Non-Grant" option if you need access to VelosCT reports for Clinical Trials.

To run VelosCT reports, please see the VelosCT-Reports User Guide 

To run Lawson reports, please see the Lawson Reports Guide 



A BU IO# is used to facilitate cross-institutional salary support on research projects.  The IO# is identified on the account setup notification sent from Research Operations to the PI and Administrator.


Run the Grant Expense report in Crystal. If an invoice has been paid, it will show up here with corresponding check number and check date. If it has not been paid, it will still show up on this report but without a check number/date next to it.