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The Budget Status Report (BSR) can be run for specific periods or annual expenses. It provides project life-to-date expended amounts, open encumbrance amounts, annual budgets, and the available balance. This report is typically run following month end close.

Report Parameters

Budget report

  1. Begin Date: No default, enter or select the beginning date of the transactions to be viewed.
  2. End Date: No default, enter or select the ending date of the transactions to be viewed.
  3. Project [Number-Description]: The dropdown allows the selection of a single project.
  4. View Report: Click the View Report Button to run the report.

Report Fields

  1. Account Desc Full: The General Ledger (GL) detail account description.
  2. Post Date: Date the transaction was posted to the GL.
  3. Budget: The total budget amount for the Department/Section/Program/Project.
  4. Posted Exp: Total expenses for the period selected.
  5. Exp to Date: Total expenses life-to-date through the end date of the parameter select.
  6. Encumbrance: The total budget amount currently set aside through the encumbrance process for the project. It is used to identify budget amounts that have been committed but not spent yet.
  7. Balance: The budget amount that is left to spend on the project. This is calculated by taking the total budget amount and subtracting the total expense amount posted to date and the current encumbrance balance for the project selected.

Note: Click on the ‘+’ to expand the line for further detail.

Drill down to the Labor Employee Detail Report from the Detail BSR Report.