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VAPI Clinic

The Vaping Associated Pulmonary Illness (VAPI) Clinic is a program within the department of pulmonary medicine. Here, patients with vaping-associated illnesses may receive care. The mission of the VAPI Clinic is to increase awareness regarding the impact of vaping and improve the lives of those affected by electronic-cigarettes or vaping related products.

The VAPI Clinic team includes pulmonologists, nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists, and behavioral health specialists. By collaborating with the Tobacco Treatment Center and the Lung Disease Clinic, providers have the expertise to diagnose and treat vaping-associated disorders while also providing tools to help patients quit vaping.

Anyone who is currently using or has previously used vaping-related products and are concerned about the development of respiratory symptoms are encouraged to make an appointment with the VAPI Clinic.

Call 617-638-7480 today to schedule a clinic visit, refer a patient, or speak with one of our physicians.

Key Facts about E-Cigarette Use, or Vaping

  • Electronic cigarettes or E-cigarettes — are also called vapes, e-hookahs, vape pens, and electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS).
  • Using an e-cigarette product is commonly called vaping.
  • E-cigarettes work by heating a liquid to produce an aerosol that users inhale into their lungs.
  • The liquid can contain nicotine, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinoid (CBD) oils, and other substances and additives.

CDC, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), state and local health departments, and other clinical and public health partners are investigating a multistate outbreak of lung injury associated with e-cigarette product (devices, liquids, refill pods, and/or cartridges) use.

BMC is committed to sharing up to date information on the issues related to the use of E-cigarettes or vaping. See the links below.


Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Massachusetts Department of Public Health

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