The Bridge Clinic is an urgent psychiatric clinic located within Adult Outpatient Psychiatry. The Bridge Clinic uses a referral-based, open access model of care - one where referred patients do not need a pre-scheduled appointment - in order to address the urgent mental health needs of BMC patients, thus preventing unnecessary visits to the emergency department for urgent but non-emergent behavioral health issues. Our Bridge Clinic providers are able to provide urgent mental health evaluation, urgent psychopharmacology support as well as urgent therapy support, while also helping patients transition their ongoing behavioral health care to the most appropriate service for their needs.

As of Spring 2021, Bridge Clinic is open to referrals from Psychiatry Emergency Service (PES) providers, Adult Outpatient Behavioral Health clinic, Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH), and BMC-Based Complex Care Management (BH CCM) teams. In the future, we hope to open to direct referrals from non-behavioral health providers across BMC and eventually, the greater Boston community. We currently serve adults only (18+ years old), but are building capacity to serve patients of all ages. 

For more information about Bridge Clinic, please call (617) 414.5470