October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Boston Medical Center is helping build awareness of the disease. As the risk for breast cancer has decreased from every 1 in 4 women to every 1 in 8 women, early detection is key. BMC follows the American College of Radiology guidelines which state that annual mammograms should begin at age 40 and continue for as long as the woman is in good health.

Here to address some common fears that women have when it comes to mammograms is Dr.Greg Miller, the Section Chief of Breast Imaging at BMC.

We know it seems scary, but breast cancer is scarier. And if you're a woman over 40, it could save your life.

Featured Speaker:

Gregg Miller

Gregg Miller, MD

Gregg Miller, MD is the Section Chief of Breast Imaging at BMC. He is also a clinical associate professor for the Department of Radiology at BU.

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