Boston Medical Center has a large research community committed to conducting research studies in order to better understand child health, behavior, and disease. Some research involves observing your child’s behavior, while other research focuses on development and/or new treatments for specific disorders.

This section of the web site contains helpful information about clinical research study types and phases. It also provides guidance to those parents deciding whether or not to have their child participate in a research study.

The Importance of Research

Discoveries made from research studies have saved lives, extended our lifespan, enhanced the quality of our lives, and improved the clinical care we receive.

Outcomes from research studies can influence clinical care in many ways, including:

  • Developing new technology to diagnose diseases, such as X-ray machines, EEG, and MRI
  • Diagnosing disease earlier
  • Developing new medications to treat disease
  • Determining risk factors for certain diseases and how to prevent disease
  • Preventing disease through efforts such as anti-smoking campaigns, weight-loss plans, and vaccination

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