When you read about autism (also known as Autism Spectrum Disorders or ASDs) or pervasive developmental disorders (also known as PDD), it is important to limit your search to the topics that best fit your child.

Because different people with autism can have very different symptoms, healthcare providers think of autism as a spectrum of disorders—a group of disorders with a range of similar features. Some individuals with ASDs have mild or subtle symptoms, while others are severely disabled. Ask you child’s healthcare provider which topics are the most relevant to your child. For starters, you may choose to read about what ASDs are, what we know about the causes, how the diagnosis is made, or treatment options.

There is a world of information on the Internet that can be helpful, confusing, or just overwhelming. Therefore, we have reviewed many Web sites and have chosen well respected and parent-oriented sites that address common concerns of parents of children with autism or PDD.


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