The Department of Pediatric Neurology at Boston Medical Center is here to support you during this difficult time. Check out this document for information and links to a ton of online resources that may be helpful to you and your family - including books, movies, chat rooms, community events, fitness programs, learning opportunities, and more!

General Information for Teens & Young Adults

Transition Together Mentorship Program

Transition Together is a mentorship program based in the Pediatric Neurology Department at Boston Medical Center. This program connects youth with epilepsy to peer mentors who can support them through their healthcare transition - during which youth take responsibility for their medical needs, gain self-management skills, and become more independent as they transition from pediatric to adult-centered care. Our hope is that these high-impact mentoring relationships will empower youth with confidence, skills, and resources to live well with epilepsy.

Transition Together Newsletters

Transition Together’s bi-weekly newsletters are sent to mentors, and contain information and resources that are relevant and helpful to youth and families.