BMC supports a full service tertiary care center for labor and delivery. Single family postpartum rooms are offered to mothers and their babies, giving them the privacy they need during recovery. Mothers can recover and parents can bond with their new baby. Tours of BMC's newly renovated Labor and Delivery suites with single family postpartum rooms, newborn nursery and NICU are available in English and Spanish. Tours last approximately one hour. Labor and Delivery Suite Tours are on Wednesdays at 3:00 PM and Fridays 12:00 PM, and meet at Yawkey 5th floor, OB/GYN. Please register for Labor and Delivery Suite tours by calling 617.414.3875 and leaving a message with your name, due date, your phone number and the best time to call.

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10 Reasons to Choose Boston Medical Center for Labor and Delivery

1. Exceptional doctors, midwives, and nurses

BMC’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is recognized across the country for its excellence in care. The hospital’s labor and delivery and postpartum teams offer highly trained obstetricians, midwives, family medicine doctors, and nurses to help patients enjoy a safe and healthy pregnancy and birth. The team members, and their specialized skills, are available ’round the clock.

2. Respectful and culturally sensitive care

BMC’s doctors, midwives, nurses, and Birth Sisters come from many countries, including Latin America, Haiti, Cape Verde, and others. We strive to provide care that is respectful and sensitive to all patients’ cultural needs.

3. We speak your language

BMC offers interpreters who speak each patient’s language, as well as multicultural, multilingual staff. Birth Sisters are community women trained to help before, during, and after pregnancy, and are available to mothers with difficult circumstances. Our interpreter services are offered 24 hours a day with on-site staff and wireless and video interpretation technology.

4. High-risk pregnancy care

The hospital’s team of high-risk obstetricians will work to ensure that each patient has a healthy pregnancy and birth, including patients with high-risk problems. BMC’s physicians are experts in all complications of pregnancy for both mothers and babies, including diabetes in pregnancy, HIV and pregnancy, addictions in pregnancy, and prenatal diagnosis of fetal problems. State-of-the-art prenatal screening, ultrasound, and genetic counseling and testing is offered, helping families know that their baby is as safe and healthy as possible.

5. Comfort in Childbirth

A range of services is offered to help with the pain of childbirth. Anesthesia service is available 24 hours a day for epidural pain relief. Labor support and expert assistance from midwives and nurses in natural pain management are available as well.

6. Prenatal Education

Childbirth classes are offered in English and Spanish and are designed to fit each individual’s needs. Some prenatal care sites also offer group prenatal care that provides an opportunity to share experiences with other pregnant women and learn about how to have a healthy pregnancy. BMC’s Hey Mama! books and website are offered free of charge to all women delivering at BMC and educate patients about how to have a healthy pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery.

7. Breastfeeding support

The World Health Organization and UNICEF have certified BMC as a “Baby-Friendly” hospital because of its outstanding support for breastfeeding families. BMC's lactation consultants are available seven days a week and breastfeeding peer counselors offer help in Spanish and English.

8. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Sometimes babies are born too early or with other health problems. BMC’s nationally recognized NICU—with highly trained doctors and nurses and state-of-the-art technology—is there to help when it is most needed.

9. Convenient and excellent prenatal care

BMC and its community health center affiliates offer excellent prenatal and convenient care at a location close to home.

10. Excellence in postpartum care

Nurses specially trained in breastfeeding support and newborn care give families individual attention and also offer group classes. Doctors and midwives support mothers and their babies in the days after birth. BMC’s state-of-the-art single-family postpartum rooms offer all families privacy during those special first days with their new baby.