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Congratulations soon-to-be parents! We are thrilled that you’ve chosen Boston Medical Center for care while you are pregnant. Maybe you are pregnant for the first time. Maybe you have been pregnant before. Either way, you probably have many questions, thoughts, and feelings. You also probably want to know how your baby is growing and how to take care of yourself. While you will have many visits with your provider during your pregnancy, the Hey Mama app contains a lot of great information to help you during your pregnancy.

Just like the book but located as an app on your phone. Lots of information about general information about your pregnancy, what to expect during your prenatal visits, foods to eat in pregnancy, ways to stay safe, and common discomforts that you might be feeling. Ways to prepare for labor and birth and information about breastfeeding.

Rosha Forman

Assistant Professor of OBGYN
Director of Community Health Centers, Department of OBGYn

During this time of COVID-19 we have updated our app with up to date important information about how COVID-19 might affect your pregnancy, your experience in pre-natal care at Boston Medical Center, and your experience in labor and at birth. We promise to keep this information up to date and send you push notifications as new information is released. The app is available in English and Spanish, and we are working on Haitain Creole.