The Lactation Service at Boston Medical Center provides 7-day a week lactation care by IBCLC-certified lactation consultants. Our lactation specialists provide services for patients in the BirthPlace Postpartum Unit, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the Pediatric Inpatient Unit, the Pediatric Primary Care Clinic and the Adolescent Center.

Boston Medical Center is committed to promoting and supporting breastfeeding and is proud to be a Baby-Friendly hospital

In December 1999, Boston Medical Center became the first WHO/UNICEF Baby-Friendly™ Hospital in Massachusetts. Though the world has over 19,600 sites, only 79 of these are located in the United States. Learn more about the Baby-Friendly Hospital initiative.

On August 6, 2002 the Assistant Secretary for Health, US Department of Health and Human Services, announced that the Baby-Friendly Hospital at Boston Medical Center was picked as a best practice model for the nation. The "Best Practice Initiative" showcases model programs in public health from around the country.


The Lactation Service coordinates hospital-wide breastfeeding programs for patients and staff including: breastfeeding classes, a telephone support line, breastfeeding peer counselors and breastfeeding/pumping rooms located throughout the medical campus.

Inpatient breastfeeding classes are held in the BirthPlace (Menino Pavilion 3 West, 840 Harrison Avenue). BMC also offers childbirth classes for all ages, including a session on breastfeeding, held on Tuesday evenings at BMC. To register for this 4-week course, call 617.414.5867. All are welcome! BMC’s Teen and Tot Program also offers a class specifically geared towards adolescent parents-to-be.

Mothers of babies who are seen in the BMC outpatient clinic can call our Warmline at 617.414.MILK (6455) for non-urgent breastfeeding advice. If you are concerned about the health of yourself or your infant, please call your doctor.

The breastfeeding/pumping rooms provide patients and staff space to breastfeed in private and are equipped with electric breast pumps. The Lactation Service provides breast pumps through the Pumps for Peanuts, a charity-sponsored initiative that guarantees electric breast pumps for all mothers of infants in the BMC Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay.


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