Symptoms such as memory difficulties, mood disorders, learning disorders, and other neuropsychological symptoms due to physical, emotional, or environmental causes can be difficult to diagnose and treat. The BMC Neuropsychology Program provides in-depth evaluation and collaborates closely with colleagues and specialists to help identify the underlying cause and find the best treatment possible. 

Information you may need

Boston Medical Center neurologists examine an x-ray image of the brain
Education and Training

Neurology residency

The Neuropsychology Division faculty participate in the education and training of residents who wish to gain experience in neuropsychological testing. Interested trainees have the opportunity to discuss neuropsychological testing with treatment providers and be an integral part of the treatment team. 


Research overview

We work closely with the seizure disorder and movement disorder teams to determine appropriate evaluations to document presurgical strengths and weaknesses.  

We also work closely with behavioral health and occupational health providers who evaluate and treat individuals with toxicant exposures.