The Pain, Headache, and Interventional Pain Program at BMC is at the forefront of pain management. As one of the few multidisciplinary pain management groups in an academic Neurology department, we provide state-of-the-art care with medications, x-ray (fluoroscopy) interventional procedures, physical therapy, clinic injections, and surgery.

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Education and Training

Neurology residency

The interventional pain division faculty participate in the education and training of residents who wish to gain experience in interventional pain and related procedures. They regularly participate in hands-on teaching at the Solomont Simulation Center during which they train residents in injections and other procedures.

CT scan of brain with red area ( Imaging for hemorrhagic stroke or Ischemic stroke ( infarction ) concept )

Pain and headache research overview

The interventional pain division faculty has conducted research on lumbar puncture-related headaches and interventional pain procedures. They have also conducted studies on pain management in the urgent care setting. Current and upcoming projects include double-blinded trials on lumbar puncture headache prophylaxis, NSAID burst therapy, x-ray predicting MRI results in low back pain, and tinnitus in “low” high pressure headaches.