The Child Protection Team (CPT), part of the Department of Pediatrics in the Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, works with patients, families and staff to improve pediatric health and well-being by consulting on issues of suspected child maltreatment. Trains BMC doctors, nurses and other professionals how to protect, recognize and manage child maltreatment. We work collaboratively with many departments within BMC to ensure that comprehensive care is provided, and that providers and staff have support and training in child maltreatment.

The Child Protection Team is a multidisciplinary group of pediatricians and social workers. Our team has specialized training and works collaboratively to ensure comprehensive care is provided to meet the needs of children and families.

Our team provides consultation 24-Hour a day 7-days per week.

The Clinical Social Work Team provides:

  • Clinical support and guidance around concerns for child abuse and neglect
  • Consultation for evaluations of protective concerns
  • Guidance on navigating complex conversations
  • Assistance with safety plans for children where risk is involved

The Medical Team provides:

  • Clinical guidance around child protection concerns
  • Medical evaluation for physical and sexual abuse
  • Recommendations on diagnostic and medical management


Child Protection Team
Department of Pediatrics
Boston Medical Center

Crosstown Building, 7th Floor
801 Massachusetts Ave
Boston, MA 02118