In the BMC Cancer Center, genetic counselors provide consultation, risk-assessment and testing for cancer predisposition syndromes for people who have a strong personal or family history of certain types of cancer. Visits begin with a review of the patient's medical information and detailed family history in order to determine if a hereditary cancer predisposition may be increasing the risk for certain types of cancer in a person's family.

Identifying a genetic cause for cancer in a family allows for increased surveillance and earlier detection for at risk family members. Our team works with testing companies and insurance to pre-authorize and provide coverage for this important testing.

Patients should allow one hour for the appointment and bring any family history information that they can collect from family members, as well as any genetic test reports from family members who have previously pursued genetic testing.

Consultations are provided in the Moakley Building, 3rd floor, at 830 Harrison Ave.

For an appointment call: 617.638.6428
Referrals can be faxed to: 617.414.1558

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