This page provides the resources to upload your blood sugars and share other diabetes-related data with our clinic.

If you are having difficulty uploading data from your device to your computer, please call the 1-800 tech support phone number associated with your device below.


Our clinic will email you a unique share code to receive your data so we have continuous access while also making your visits more efficient.

If we have not provided you an invitation to share your data, you can ask your diabetes educator or endocrinologist to send a unique share code to you by sending them a MyChart message. You can stop sharing with our clinic at any time.

Mobile App

To view a video on how to use the Dexcom CLARITY app click here.

To continuously share with our clinic account:

  1. Log into Dexcom CLARITY phone app.
  2. Tap Profile
  3. Tap Authorize Sharing
  4. Enter Sharing Code provided to you
  5. Select your date of birth
  6. Tap Continue
  7. Check box, I consent to share my data with my clinic
  8. Tap Yes, Share My Data

If you are not using a mobile phone as your Dexcom Receiver:

Dexcom Receiver

To view a video with step by step instructions please click here.

  1. First-time CLARITY users must create an account or log-in here
  2. Click on Dexcom CLARITY for Home Users
  3. Follow instructions to install the Uploader software.
  4. Connect your receiver to your computer to upload automatically.

For technical support, contact Dexcom at 1-888-738-3646

Freestyle Libre

Glucose data can be shared with our clinic from your FreeStyle LibreLink and FreeStyle Libre 2 apps by entering our clinic practice ID (08883019) into the FreeStyle Libre app on your phone. Providing us access to your diabetes data can make your visits more efficient. You can stop sharing with our clinic at any time.

To download the FreeStyle Libre apps on your iPhone:

To download the FreeStyle Libre apps on your Android:

To share your data with our clinic from either app:

  1. Tap on Menu
  2. Tap on Connected apps
  3. Tap on LibreView
  4. Tap on Connect to a practice
  5. Enter practice ID 08883019
  6. Confirm practice information (BMC Diabetes)
  7. Tap Connect

If you are using a receiver, from your computer:

  1. Go to to create an account
  2. Click on Sign up
  3. Select LibreView Patient Account once you have registered and have logged in
  4. Click on Menu
  5. Click on Account Settings
  6. Click on My Practices
  7. Enter practice ID 08883019
  8. Click Add
  9. Confirm that BMC Diabetes is the practice you’re now sharing your data
  10. Click My Devices
  11. Click on Upload Device
  12. Ensure your receiver is connected to your computer (use charging cable)
  13. Click on Press to Begin Upload.

Please note: you will need to Download the LibreView Device Drivers Software, available for Windows and Mac OS. The link will be available from the Upload a Device page.

For technical support, contact Abbott technical support, 1-855-632-8658

MiniMed Mobile App

The Mobile App is only compatible with the following Medtronic insulin pumps:

  • MiniMed™ 770G
  • MiniMed™ 780G
  1. Search the Apple App Store or the Google Play store on your mobile device for the MiniMed™ Mobile app.
  2. Tap the MiniMed™ Mobile app icon on your compatible mobile device.
  3. Log in to CareLink™ software
  4. If you have a CareLink™ account:
    Select your country.
    Enter your CareLink™ account username and password.
    Tap Log in.
    See step 6 below
  5. If you do not have a CareLink™ account:
    Select your country.
    Tap Create an Account.
    Follow the instructions and sign up for a CareLink™ account.
    Enter your CareLink™ account username and password.
    Tap Log in.
  6. Setting up the MiniMed™ Mobile app
    Read the End User License Agreement when it appears.
    Tap Agree
    A screen appears and shows what you need to set up the app. Tap Get started at the bottom of the screen to set up the app

Pair the MiniMed™ insulin pump with the compatible mobile device during initial setup

  1. Select the MiniMed™ pump model that you are using.
  2. Follow the instructions shown on the screen to put the MiniMed™ insulin pump into pairing mode.
    Note: On some compatible mobile devices, you will receive a Bluetooth™* Pairing Request. Tap Pair to continue.
  3. Tap Next.
  4. The app shows a warning that dosing decisions should not be made based on this app. Read the warning and then tap OK.
  5. Tap Agree to confirm that you have read and understood the limitations of the app.

The Quick Reference Guide for the app is also available here.

*In order to share your data with our clinic we will need your carelink username and password to add you to our clinic carelink account. Please provide this information to your diabetes educator or provider.

USB connection

(use this option if you are unable to use the minimed mobile app)

To upload your pump to CareLink Personal you will need to register to create an account. Follow this Quick Reference Guide

  1. Click here to set up an account and upload data from your pump to your computer
  2. You will need to install the CareLink Uploader to your computer after signing on, follow the instructions on screen
  3. To upload your pump you will need to use the USB CONTOUR glucometer that arrived with your pump.

For technical support, contact Medtronic at 1-800-646-4633

Tandem T:Connect

*In order to share your data with our clinic we will need your t:connect username and password to add you to our clinic t:connect portal. Please provide this information to your diabetes educator or provider.

Mobile App

  1. Download the free mobile app by visiting Google Play or the App Store > select t:connect mobile.
  2. Turn on > mobile connection, unlock your insulin pump > select Options > Device Settings > then select Bluetooth Settings.
  3. Tap the toggle to turn on the Mobile Connection and enable Bluetooth
  4. Login to mobile app > use your t:connect web application username and password (or create a login and password in the t:connect mobile app).
  5. Pair Insulin pump to mobile app, follow the prompts to pair your t:slim X2 insulin pump with your phone. Only one device can be paired with the t:connect mobile app at a time.

For detailed pairing instructions, view the Quick Reference guide.

USB Connection

(use this option if you are unable to use the mobile app)

  1. Click here to set up and upload data from your Tandem pump using the provided USB connection.
  2. Send a MyChart message to your diabetes educator or provider with your T:connect username and password if you are not already sharing data with your provider.

For technical support, contact Tandem at 1-877-801-6901

Omnipod via Glooko

Whether you choose to share your Omnipod data via the Glooko phone app or a computer, you will need to enter the ProConnect code for our practice: bumc into Glooko. If you have a Glooko account Log In if you don’t you can sign up at the log in page.

To upload and share data through your computer:

  1. Log In in with your Username (e-mail) and Password
  2. Nagivate to Settings by clicking on the triangle   the letters inside the circle will be your initals
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Under Account, Primary Provider enter the ProConnect code bumc, scroll down and click Save
  5. Under Apps & Devices click on Get Glooko Uploader  , install the uploader for Mac or PC. Once the uploader has been installed upload your Omnipod Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) by connecting the charging cable to the computer and your PDM.
  6. Once your pump has been uploaded click on View Data, your data will automatically be shared with our practice.

If you are using the original Omnipod (versus the Omnipod Dash), please contact the technical support number below and select option 2 to request a cable free of charge to upload your data.

From your mobile device (Newer Omnipod models i.e. Dash):

  1. Download Glooko on your device and register
    1. Android
    2. Apple iOS
  2. Open the Glooko mobile app, tap on More   
  3. Tap on Profile to change settings
  4. Tap on ProConnect and tap on +ADD CODE a message will pop up regarding data sharing, tap Continue
  5. Enter ProConnect code bumc then tap Submit
  6. ProConnect Success! Message will appear confirming that you are now sharing with BMC, tap OK
  7. From the Home menu tap on Sync   then tap New Device, tap on Set Up either:
    1. Omnipod Dash System- this option will prompt you to upload your Dash PDM to your computer. Follow the directions to upload your PDM on your computer.
    2. Omnipod DASH Cloud- this option will prompt you to log in to your  Omnipod PodderCentral account and follow the on-screen directions.

For technical support, contact Insulet at 1-800-591-3455


To download the free InPen smart phone app:

iPhone app user, click here

Android app user, click here

Download app > Open the app > Sign up or log in > Click on reports > Generate and download your data.

Send a MyChart message to your provider or diabetes educator with the downloaded InPen report added as an attachment.

For technical support, contact Companion Medical at 1-844-843-7903